“Everything that happens to you is your teacher. The secret is to sit at the feet of your own life and be taught by it”  Mahatma Gandhi

Help with additionsWhen most people think of addiction, they think of substance addiction—smoking, drugs and alcohol usually springing first to mind. And, indeed, these are addictions that can be treated via hypno-psychotherapy practice here in Liverpool.

Alcohol, cocaine, prescription pain killers and foods such as chocolate are examples of substances that many people become addicted to. But addiction can also come in other, different guises that don’t really involve substances at all.

Examples of this include gambling, sex, the Internet, shopping, work, and gaming. All these have the power to disrupt, cause havoc, and eventually ruin a person’s life. But regardless of the particular substance, activity or behaviour involved, all addictions share one similarity: The addict has lost the ability to choose—choice has given way to dependence.

Before hypnotherapy will be considered as a treatment option, the individual must want to give-up their habit. During hypnosis the therapist can help the individual gain control over their life in many ways. They can help them set out goals and targets, can suggest ways in which behaviour can be modified by proposing ways in which existing practices are carried out and ways in which targets can be met. Any triggers for relapse can be identified and avoidance techniques explored.

Positivity and the ability to succeed can be reinforced as can motivational techniques, body-image and self-control. The psychological and emotional issues surrounding the addiction can be addressed, such as in nicotine and cannabis abuse. Many therapists will provide exercises to practice at home with the aim of inducing self-hypnosis and increase self-control. By having positive thoughts, definite goals and a support network, success is more likely than by trying without an aid of some sort.

Contraindications of Using Hypnotherapy for Beating Addiction

Hypnosis for treating addiction ill not be performed until after the detoxification process is complete as concentration levels and susceptibility will not be optimal.

Hypnosis will not work if the candidate is highly unwilling, nor will it be effective if the person is under the influence of drink or drugs.